If you’re not using Presearch as your default search engine, you’re leaving free money on the table and doing yourself a disfavour.

You use search engines like Google every day, so you could as well get paid to do what you already do daily anyway.

And that’s why I suggest you consider switching to Presearch as your default search engine.

What is Presearch

Presearch is a decentralised, private, and community-powered search engine that rewards users with its native token (PRE).

The project rewards you with PRE for using, contributing to, and promoting the search engine.

It’s one of the most undervalued projects out there with a 100x potential in the next bull run. And you can accumulate it daily for free just by searching with Presearch.

In this post, I will be sharing with you 5 reasons why you should be using Presearch as your default search engine. And how not using it is like cheating yourself.

5 reasons you should make Presearch your default search engine

1. Protects your privacy

Presearch is a privacy-first search engine that does not track you or store your search queries like Google and other search engines.

Search queries are processed by a decentralised network of nodes from all over the world. So there’s no central point of failure like a data centre.

Also, the search engine does not collect or store any of your personal information such as your IP address, or GPS location, nor does it use cookies and trackers.

Presearch protects your privacy

Presearch protects your privacy

Your searches on Presearch are anonymous and private.

Therefore, there’s no possibility of some big-tech company losing or selling your personal data. And no trackers following your every move on the internet.

Unlike Google and other search engines, Presearch considers and treats you as a user and not a product.

2. Get a 25 PRE signup bonus

When you Signup on Presearch for the first time, you get 25 PRE tokens for free as a welcome bonus.

At the current price of $0.028 per token that’s about a $0.7 welcome gift for choosing Presearch.

Right now, this is a very small amount, but as the value of the token increases, it will be worth a lot more later.

I bet Google and other search engines you’ve been using all your life have never paid you that much. They wouldn’t even consider it.

But Presearch does.

How to Signup on Presearch

  • Click HERE to go to Presearch.
  • Click Join Presearch.
  • Enter your email address and a strong password.
  • Hit the Signup Now button

You may be asked to verify your email address, do that and you’re done. Your new account will be credited with 25 PRE and start earning from the first search.

3. Earn PRE tokens for every search

You earn 0.01 PRE for every search you perform on Presearch, up to 25 searches per day.

After the first 25 searches of the day, you’ll no longer earn PRE for subsequent searches.

But you can increase the amount of PRE you earn per search (even beyond the first 25 searches) by participating in Search Staking.

Search Staking

Search Staking

You search the internet every day using Google and other search engines that steal and sell your data, violate your privacy, and never share their profit with you.

You could as well start using Presearch now and take back control of your data and privacy while getting paid for doing what you already do every day anyway.

4. Improved UI and UX

Presearch is constantly improving its search results and introducing new features to enhance your experience with the search engine.

For example, it’s fast, you can filter your search results based on time frame, or location, share the results with the click of a button, turn on IA results, etc.

Search Settings

Search Settings

Presearch beats Google in many ways that you’ll find really cool as you get used to the search engine. And more features and updates are constantly being released to make it even better.

5. Switch between different search engines

You can switch from Presearch to any of the other 100+ search providers it supports, including Google, Amazon, DuckDuckGo, Etherscan, etc.

Search Providers on Presearch

Search Providers on Presearch

So, if you want to see the results for your search queries on other search engines, click their respective logo on the left-hand side of your screen as shown above.

Is Presearch worth it?

You have been using search engines all your life without getting paid for it. And whether you’re being paid or not, you’ll continue to use search engines for the rest of your life.

You could as well just use a search engine that respects and protects your data and privacy while also paying you to use it.

The amount of PRE you earn might not look significant today, but as its price increases with time, it could be worth a lot later on.

For perspective, my most conservative PRE price estimate by 2025 is between $5 to $20 per token.

Let’s see how many PRE you can accumulate before then.

Where is the search reward coming from?

Advertisers pay Presearch to show their ads on your search results pages. A portion of this revenue is used to buy back PRE to pay out rewards.


Presearch protects your privacy and also rewards you for using it. And these 2 reasons are why I will continue using it as my primary search engine.

How about you, have you started using Presearch yet?