If you want to increase your chances of making money on Social platforms it’s important to be mindful of the accounts you buy.

When I join a new SocialFi platform, these are the people I try to buy first before anything else.

  1. Active users. Those who spend time creating and posting content on the platform and Twitter. These guys will gain higher visibility and increased buyers. Buy the most active users on the platform.
  2. Official Account. This is one account that will always generate interest from other users and gives you direct access to the team. Bet on the house.
  3. Team members. Team members’ accounts also generate interest from all users and being in their chat could afford you valuable insights. Start with the founder and buy any other team member who’s active on the platform.
  4. Big influencers. Users with large followers and active on Twitter and other popular SocialFi platforms. Buy them only if they’re actively shitposting on the new platform. Avoid the ones that just create an account and leave it to gather trading fees.
  5. Alpha callers: Those who build valuable chat rooms with premium alpha, exclusive access to Discord channels, and other privileges for Shareholders. You want to buy these users as early as you can to benefit from potential price increases and other utilities for holders.