New Bitcoin City (NBC) is the best, most functional, feature-rich SocialFi app built on the Bitcoin network. Many of the top crypto influencers and SocialFi whales are active on NBC.

Both the big and small accounts love the SocialFi app because it’s so much fun and the team is just good at what they do.

Below, we highlight the most important features and functionalities that make NBC most special among SocialFi users and investors:

  1. NBC gives creators a platform to build their brand and connect with their community through fun games, gift (red) packets, etc. It’s simply the best SocialFi platform.
  2. The team is super active on the platform and constantly pushes out updates on a daily basis. Nobody builds and ships well and fast like the NBC devs.
  3. First 90 days, you earn 100% of the trading fees of the users you refer to the platform. Nobody gives to or rewards loyal users and supporters like NBC.
  4. Inclusive and fair airdrop points distribution algorithm. Just create and post organic content, engage authentically, participate in community points reward programs, buy and hold valuable Keys and you’re golden.
  5. You can join NBC and start earning Bitcoin without depositing any funds. You can earn tips on your posts and comments, fees from trading your Keys, referral commissions, etc.
  6. Superb UI/UX, highly functional, and rich features. NBC assimilated the best features of all other SocialFi platforms and added more of their own to become the best,
  7. You can trade the (placeholder) Keys or people who haven’t even joined the platform yet. They will continue to accumulate trading fees which they can claim when they join.
  8. You earn up to 10,000 points when you sign up for the first time. Find details of this new user points offer here.

If you sign up on NBC using my invitation code: txhd let me know on Discord and I will buy your Key instantly.