I’ve been in the Arena for exactly three weeks today (25/10/2023).  And in that short time. we’ve been hacked twice, lost and found $3 million of TVL, and got the Arena back in operation again.

If that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve been dumped on by some big accounts who got cold feet or lost faith in the platform due to the many issues.

Despite all these, most of us are still in the Arena trying things because we believe in the new creators’ economy they’re building. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose some, but we never stop learning and growing.

In this post, I will share with you the 7 actionable steps you can take to farm the maximum possible airdrop points on Stars Arena.

Stars Arena airdrop

Every activity you perform in the Arena earns you points which will be used to determine your airdrop allocation in the future.

Some earn you more points than others, but in this article, we will discuss all of them and how you can potentially maximise your Stars Arena airdrop reward.

The airdrop points will be distributed every Monday starting from September 26, 2023. Below are the activities that earn you airdrop points on Stars Arena.

7 Actions that earn you airdrop points on Stars Arena

1. Trading Volume

The total value of all your Ticket buys and sales contributes significantly to your airdrop points. It’s probably the most valuable thing you can do on the platform as it’s a revenue-generating activity.

So, the more tickets you trade, the more points you accumulate. But remember that there’s a 10% tax on every buy-and-sell transaction, in addition to the blockchain network (gas) fees.

Make sure you’re making a profit from the trades or at least break even as the airdrop points you get from trading may not cover the taxes and gas fees.

2. Referrals

Stars Arena charges a 10% tax on every Ticket buy and sell transaction. 7% goes to the user whose Ticket is being traded, 2% goes to the platform, and 1% goes to the referrer.

The more people you refer to the platform through your referral link, the more airdrop points you earn in addition to the AVAX you earn from the 1% tax.

I believe referrals also contribute significantly to your airdrop points as its directly linked to the platform’s growth.

3. Ticket Price

This refers to the value of the Tickets you hold, including your own. Essentially, your Stars Arena portfolio value.

The larger your portfolio value, the more points you earn as it contributes directly to the TVL of the platform which is a major growth metric.

You can increase your portfolio value by buying more Tickets and watching the value of your existing Tickets grow with demand.

So, it’s important you active users’ Tickets because they have a higher potential for growth.

4. Created Threads

The Arena is a place to share useful, interesting content and connect with your followers. The more threads you post, the more airdrop points you accumulate.

Remember, content is what keeps people engaged on the platform. And the Arena is building a next-generation creators’ economy.

So, it’s an important element of the platform and I think it generates considerable airdrop points.

5. Views on Threads

The more people view your threads in the Arena the more airdrop points you earn. So, it might be useful to share your Arena threads on other social media platforms.

Also, retweets from big accounts will also contribute to getting you more views in the Arena and gain more airdrop points.

6. Interactions

Interacting with other users’ threads such as liking, reposting, and commenting also contributes to your Stars Arena airdrop points.

Though I don’t think the points you earn through this will be worth much, but every little thing counts, right?

Plus such interactions help you build and grow your connections in the Arena which could translate to new Ticket buys and more views for your threads.

7. Tipping Volume

You can tip any thread or comment in the Arena with AVAX directly from your wallet. The more you tip, the more airdrop points you accumulate.

But I suggest you tip only because you appreciate the content you read and want to support the creator. Not necessarily because you want to farm airdrop points.

But if your goal is to tip in order to increase your airdrop points, then it’s best you create another account and tip your own posts and comments instead from that account.

That way, you get to keep your money and still farm whatever points come from tipping.


Stars Arena is a top 4 Social Finance (SocialFi) platform according to DeFillama and the airdrop could be massive.

Legend has it that they might be distributing AVAX for the airdrop due to their close relationship with the Avalanche team. But of course, that’s just a rumour and they could be airdropping their own native token instead.

Either way, we’ll keep farming and accumulating those precious points until the airdrop day.

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