Starknet is the best and probably the most profitable place to farm multiple airdrops simultaneously.

And in this post, I will show you how to save cost and make some money while farming these airdrops.

Starknet airdrop farming guide

Stop reading overcomplicated Starknet airdrop farming guides and threads on Twitter.

This post is the real deal and everything you need to get the biggest possible airdrop allocations on Starknet.

Let’s discuss what you should do to get the biggest Starknet airdrops.

1. Get yourself a Starknet wallet.

The two leading Starknet wallets are Braavos and ArgentX.

Both are exceptionally good, and I use the two. But for some reason, I use my Braavos wallet more, even though I started with ArgentX.

PS: You cannot import your Braavos wallet to ArgentX or import your ArgentX wallet to Braavos. They’re not compatible. So, you have to use them separately.

2. Bridge assets to Starknet

StarkGate is the official Starknet bridge to move ETH from the Ethereum mainnet to Starknet.

The fee is about $3. So, it’s not too expensive.

And you know that using the official bridge of the network will give you bigger airdrops.

Other popular bridges you can use to move funds in and out of Starknet are Orbiter and Layerswap.

These are my favourites, and using them will also qualify you for their respective airdrops.

You will be moving funds in and out of Starknet multiple times, so make sure to use all the bridges to target all the potential airdrops.

3. Trade

I think trading volume will be a big consideration for the Starknet airdrops, especially for the DEXs.

How else do you explain the high APR generated by blue chip liquidity pools on the major DEXs on Starknet?

Top liquidity pools on Starknet

Top liquidity pools on Starknet

Are people just swapping ETH and BTC for stablecoins and vice versa? The big guys seem to know something we don’t, and it’s best to follow their lead.

Especially 10KSwap. The project has zero community engagement and no marketing campaign but still has some of the highest TVL and volume on Starknet.

It makes me wonder if there’s something about it we don’t know.

There are many DEXs on Starknet to trade on, but the most popular ones are Jediswap, MySwap, and 10KSwap.

Spread your swaps across these exchanges to get both the Starknet and each of their respective airdrops.

You can also mint and trade NFTs on Flex, Pyramid, Unframed, and other NFT marketplaces on Starknet to gain extra multiplier points for a big airdrop.

4. Provide liquidity

Liquidity is the lifeblood of every chain or protocol and a golden ticket to any airdrop. So, provide as much liquidity as possible on the major Starknet DEXs and lending protocols.

Also, don’t be too quick to pull out your liquidity. Keep it there for as long as possible if you want bigger airdrop allocations.

Interestingly, all the blue-chip liquidity pools on Starknet have very good APR that ensures you’re making money while farming these airdrops.

5. Lend

zkLend and Nostra are currently the only lending protocols on Starknet, and I suggest you lend and borrow some amounts on both of them for as long as possible.

You’re farming their respective potential airdrops along with the main Starknet airdrop.

6. Mint

There are so many NFT minting campaigns on Starknet. Almost every project on Starknet has multiple activities that earn you some NFTs to mint.

If you’re not careful, you will spend all your ETH on gas fees, performing different activities and minting NFTs.

If you have enough funds to spend on fees and performing all these activities, go for them and increase your chances for a bigger airdrop.

Otherwise, be selective and go for the potentially high-impact ones.

Oh! And while you’re at it, get a nice and unique Starknet domain on StarknetID.

PS: An official Starknet Quantum Leap NFT campaign was launched recently, but the minting was paused due to some challenges. Ensure to get it when they open minting again, as it could hold some value.


Starknet is a goldmine for many reasons.

First, all the projects on the network do not have a token yet. So, every protocol you use on Starknet will qualify you for multiple potential airdrops.

Secondly, Starknet airdrop is not being heavily farmed like Layerzero, zkSync, Linea, and other big names.

This means more opportunities to get bigger airdrop allocations and maximise your rewards.

Even if you farm only the Starknet airdrop, you’re almost guaranteed to get more than one because many projects on the network will do airdrop.