Nostra is a crypto lending and borrowing platform on Starknet that launched its points program on Dec. 6, 2023.

These points could be used as a basis for the Nostra token airdrop in the future. So, you must farm as much as you can to get a good allocation.

In this article, I will share with you the various strategies you can use to farm the maximum possible Nostra points for the potential airdrop.

How does the Nostra points airdrop work?

You earn points for your deposits, borrowing, referrals, and time spent on Nostra. The more you lend or borrow and the longer you hold your position, the more points you earn.

Nostra airdrop points you earn for lending

  1. You earn 1 point daily for every $1 of stablecoin you lend (USDT, USDC, and DAI).
  2. You earn 2 points daily for every $1 of a volatile asset you lend (ETH and WBTC).

Nostra airdrop points you earn for borrowing

  1. You earn 4 points daily for every $1 of stablecoins you borrow.
  2. You earn 8 points daily for every $1 of volatile assets you borrow.

Nostra airdrop points you earn through referrals

  1. You get an additional 5% bonus points daily if you join the platform through a referral code: dxpppn9gcx.
  2. You earn 10% of the points earned by your referees.
  3. You also get 10% of the 10% referral points your referees earn.

Nostra airdrop points multipliers

  1. You get an additional 10% bonus points when you lend assets with the highest supply APY
  2. You get an additional 10% bonus points when you borrow assets with the lowest borrow APY.
  3. You get an additional 20% points increase if you do the two above at the same time. i.e. lend assets with the highest supply APY and borrow assets with the lowest borrow APY at the same time.
  4. The longer you lend or borrow on Nostra the more points you earn. You earn a 1x multiplier for 1 week and it increases by 10% for each additional week you keep your position open.

Finally, if you used Nostra when it was still in Alpha, you get a fat 10,000 points to start with.

How to earn the maximum Nostra points

Below are simple strategies you can apply to earn the maximum possible points on Nostra.

  1. Lend and borrow only volatile assets (ETH and WBTC) as they offer the highest points. e.g. Lend ETH and borrow WBTC.
  2. DO NOT withdraw or sell the borrowed asset as you may need to repay it sooner due to volatility to avoid liquidation.
  3. Refer yourself:
    • First, use this link to join with your first wallet to get that 5% lifetime bonus points.
    • Deposit any amount on Nostra with this wallet so you can generate your referral link.
    • Refer your second wallet with your referral link and make all your lending, borrowing, and referring on that.
    • Now, you will earn that 10% referral bonus for yourself on the first account.
    • I didn’t do this with my account because I had already gone too far with it before thinking of this.
  4. Lend assets with the highest APY and borrow assets with the lowest APY, both at the same for a 40% points boost but I’m not sure if this will be better than lending and borrowing only volatile assets.
    • So, you have to experiment with it if you have enough capital to play with. You can create multiple accounts on Nostra, so this makes it easy to use different lending and borrowing strategies on the platform.
  5. Maintain your position until the end of the points program or actual airdrop distribution for those juicy multipliers.
  6. Refer as many people as you can with your second account referral link.


The Starknet ecosystem is a goldmine for airdrop farming as both the chain itself and all the projects on it don’t have a token yet.

Nostra is currently one of the top 5 projects on the network in terms of TVL that enables you to lend, borrow, and trade crypto.

This airdrop could be massive, don’t fade it.