The secret to becoming a successful creator and building a solid portfolio on Stars Arena is to be active and buy only the most active users.

Because, according to TheBuilder (original founder of the platform but no longer in the team), “content creation and having fun is greater than 3,3 (reciprocal Ticket trades).

After all, it’s a social media and creators’ platform first.

So, whether you’re a new user looking for quality accounts to follow and buy or an existing user trying to grow or build a solid portfolio on Stars Arena, this article is for you.

Top 12 Stars Arena accounts you should follow or buy

1. KALEO (CryptoKaleo)

Kaleo is the top 1 account on Stars Arena and the single most active influencer on the platform. He’s like the main gladiator and defending champion of the Arena.

He seems to have a very strong conviction and faith in the platform and is wholly committed to supporting its continued success.

Following him will help you stay up to date on what’s happening in the Arena and I heard he engages with his Ticket holders in the private chat.

Also, if you have doubts about the Arena, reading Kaleo’s threads can raise your spirit and vibe again. The guy’s faith in and commitment to Stars Arena is inspiring.

2. Stars Arena (starsarenacom)

This is the official Stars Arena account controlled by the team. It’s one of the few accounts you can be sure will continue to be relevant and generate interest as long as the platform exists.

Following this account will ensure you’ll always receive the latest updates directly from the team regarding the development and progress of the platform.

And if you can afford to buy their Ticket, you’ll get exclusive access to the team in their private Arena chat where you can ask them any question you have.

This is a must-follow user and buying the Ticket is more secure than any other Ticket on the platform. 

3. Jason Desimone (jasonmdesimone)

Jason Desimone recently bought Stars Arena from the original team and is now the CEO of the platform. 

According to his Twitter bio, Jason is a builder, trader, and founder of Rove, a Web3 loyalty rewards platform.

Under his leadership, the Arena is currently undergoing a complete overhaul and rebranding to set the stage for its glorious future.

For the most reliable Stars Arena updates, this is the guy to follow.

His Ticket is also worth buying because as the CEO of the platform, he generates a lot of interest from all users and having direct access to him in the chat is an edge.

So, if you can afford it, buy his Ticket. Also, remember, founder and team members Tickets are among the best users to buy on any SocialFi platform.

4. Charlie G. (Credzilla)

Charlie G. is a seasoned web3 content creator and DeFi researcher who’s been actively grinding and publishing insightful content in the Arena every day.

His content is focused mainly on Arena data analysis, upcoming features, and informational posts on the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem.

Even when the Arena was presumably dead, Charlie was one of the main users who never lost faith and kept grinding on the platform until its final rebirth.

5. The Viiibe (the_viiibe_v2)

The Viiibe is a seasoned PFP creator and Twitter Spaces host extraordinaire.

He’s very active on the platform, constantly shitposting, sharing platform statistics, and reposting interesting content on the platform.

6. Wacky (wacky_gg) 

Wacky is a relatively small account that’s quickly grown to become one of the leading gladiators in the Arena.

He hosts what he calls the “Arena Spotlight” where he interviews interview users he believes are undervalued.

He’s an active shitposter and constantly sharing and retweeting useful content in the Arena. As a result, his Ticket is among the most valuable in the Arena.

Owning Wacky’s ticket gives you direct access to his private Arena chat, alpha calls and early account finds.

You also get the opportunity to appear in his spotlight interviews which could significantly contribute to your own success on the platform.

7. Ashwini (AshwiniDodani)

Ashwini is a poet and renowned NFT artist, collector, and collaborator who fully embraced Stars Arena because he strongly believes in the great opportunity it presents to the creators and artists.

He’s always active shitposting, sharing inspiring artworks and content, supporting new users and independent artists, etc. He’s good at spotting promising creators and artists and giving them all the support he can through tips, ticket purchases, and retweets.

8. Pasquale Finiello (PFiniello)

Pasquale Finiello is an AVAX OG, entrepreneur and marketing and copyrights expert. He’s also a Community Lead for Stars Arena and works with the team as a community liaison officer, helping the team better understand the needs of the Arena users.

However, he’s not part of the founding team and does not communicate in an official capacity. But with his direct access to communication with the team, he has good insights into what’s happening and is worth following.

Also, he’s a distinguished gladiator in the Arena who constantly shares and reposts quality content to inform, inspire and uphold the spirit of the Arena.

9. Cryptomancer (phfoong)

Cryptomancer Cryptomancer is an Avalanche ecosystem maxi and a Stars Arena enjoyer that’s constantly putting up original content about interesting projects, summaries of the latest platform updates, etc.

With Stars Arena becoming mainly a creators-first platform, this is certainly one of the guys you want to follow or buy as he’s among the most active small accounts.

9. Shibetoshi Nakamoto (BillyM2k)

Shibetoshi Nakamoto is the creator of Dogecoin (DOGE) with over 2 million followers on Twitter. He’s one of the most high-profile shitposters on Stars Arena and his Ticket price is currently below 10 AVAX.

Don’t expect any alpha in either his public posts or in his private Arena chat (though he may drop something occasionally) but I strongly believe his Ticket price is grossly undervalued for an active user of his status.

11. CryptoSorted (crypto_sorted)

I will be using Stars Arena as my primary SocialFi platform for posting short and actionable content such as crypto investment tips, legit and confirmed airdrop opportunities, summaries of my articles for your quick read, etc.

Also, I’m always available to answer all your questions, discuss everything crypto, and share some of my plans with you in my private Arena chat before they become public.

Follow me on Stars Arena and let’s connect.

12. Herro (HerroCrypto)

Herro is one of the most popular and biggest accounts in SocialFi with his Frientech Key currently worth over 3.4 ETH.

Herro Key is the only one I hold that offers any sort of benefits outside the private chat. It gives you access to his gated Discord channel which:

  • Aggregates content from 250 top Friend Tech Rooms.
  • Offers KOL round pre-sale allocation when available.
  • Has a private hentai channel.
  • Airdrop of Herro Token, raffle draws, and gamification for Ticket holders, etc.

Also, he’s very active in his chat, responding to questions and sharing his plans for holders and other alpha, especially about his soon-to-be-launched meme token.


If you want to build a solid portfolio on Stars Arena, it’s important to follow and buy the most active users who are constantly posting and engaging with others on the platform.

Because the platform now prioritises content creation over speculation. So, content creators will generate the most interest on the platform.

Also, you must be active and constantly engaging with other active users if you want to build up your own Ticket value. This is the “not a secret” to success in the Arena.

Clearly, this is not an exhaustive list of the most active and valuable accounts on Stars Arena.

If you know a user who you think deserves to be included, please let me know and I will take a close look at their profile and add them up accordingly.

Let’s support the real gladiators in the Arena!