You can make life-changing money with crypto airdrops if you do it right. And I’m here to show you how.

Below, I will share with you the best crypto airdrops hunting tips that will give you an edge in the game.

But first, you need to understand why crypto projects do airdrops and align your activities with their objectives to maximise your reward.

Why crypto projects give airdrops

The main reason crypto projects give airdrops is to attract users and TVL (total value locked) to their platforms.

That’s it.

It’s a popular marketing strategy with the primary objective of user acquisition and TVL growth.

So, value-adding activities such as trading, liquidity provision, bridging, and NFT minting, will earn you the most points for any airdrop.

And as you already know, the longer you’re active and the more volume you generate on the platform, the bigger your potential reward.

So, if you want to maximise your potential airdrop reward from any project, you should align your activities with their primary objectives.

If they’re looking for volume, then trade more on the platform. If they’re looking for liquidity, then focus more on providing liquidity, staking, lending, etc.

The best way to participate in crypto airdrops

Follow these tips on the best way to participate in and increase your chances of winning crypto airdrops for maximum reward.

1. Focus on the most legit or confirmed airdrops

First, you should focus only on the most likely, legit or confirmed crypto airdrops to hunt.

For example, the Orbiter Finance (ORB) airdrop is highly likely based on several direct and indirect hints.

Also, the SyncSwap airdrop is confirmed by the team and traders on the DEX will get most of the reward.

By focusing on the most likely or confirmed crypto airdrops, you greatly increase your chances of getting some. 

2. Choose only a few airdrops to hunt

Secondly, you should focus on a few of the most likely or confirmed crypto airdrops to hunt.

There’s no point chasing every airdrop opportunity out there, it’s nearly impossible to participate in and get something meaningful in ALL of them.

So, you must pick a few of the most legit or confirmed airdrops and go all in on them to maximise your potential reward from each.

3. Don’t be a Sybil

Sybils are parasites, and you’re not one of them.

So, you will focus on making genuine transactions and using the platforms like a normal human.

That means limiting the number of wallets you use to just one, or at most 5 (if you have a huge amount of capital to play with).

Also, avoid useless activities like:

  • Mindlessly swapping from one token to another. Normal people make meaningful trades; buy and hold; stake or provide liquidity. No normal person buys a token and sells it the next second, and then buys it again and swaps back.
  • Adding liquidity today and removing it a few minutes or hours later. Normal users add liquidity for the medium to long term.
  • Bridging funds in and removing them immediately or after a few hours or days without using the funds on the chain you bridged to.

These are all useless transactions and a good way to get disqualified from any airdrop.

As airdrops become more popular, the requirements and standards are being raised as everybody cannot get them.

So, to be among the few who make the cut, you must prove yourself to be a legitimate high-value user.  

4. Be a user, not a farmer

You can hunt for crypto airdrops without necessarily being a farmer or leech.

A farmer only carries out activities on the network solely to get an airdrop.

Whereas a user is doing their normal DeFi business on the platform or network to grow their portfolio, and any airdrop is a bonus.

As a user, whether or not you get an airdrop on the platform you use is secondary. Because making profitable trades or investments is your primary focus.

This way, if there’s no airdrop you won’t feel like you wasted your time or money on the platform.

5. Avoid abusive projects

Some projects are now using hints of potential airdrop to gain free publicity and early users, only to later introduce requirements that eliminate almost everyone.

This is manipulative and abusive, and several projects are now doing it.

For example, Sui used people to stress-test their network during testnet with ‘hints’ of an airdrop.

But when they launched the mainnet, even testnet participants were not qualified to buy their token in presale.

Only a select few very early users were eligible to participate in their token sale.

In their defence, they never announced any airdrop. So, people got their hopes too high and ended up being disappointed.

Avoid any project that seems to be riding the airdrop wave for free and cheap publicity.

How to find upcoming crypto airdrops

There’re hundreds of places you can find ongoing and upcoming crypto airdrops, but we can’t list all of them.

So, below are a few high-quality resources to help you stay up-to-date on upcoming crypto airdrops to explore.

  1. DefiLlama: Lists protocols that don’t have a token yet but may launch one and do an airdrop in the future.
  2. Twitter: Twitter is a great place to find ongoing and upcoming crypto airdrops. Use the search box to find the latest crypto airdrop opportunities people are talking about. You can also look for and join Twitter lists focused on airdrop content.
  3. Telegram Channels: There’re various Telegram channels dedicated to sharing the latest ongoing and upcoming crypto airdrops. Some of the best that I follow are
    1. ardizor alpha
    2. Airdrop Adventure
    3. Airdrop Oasis
    4. Gremlinz

These sources cover all kinds of crypto airdrops, some of which might turn out to be outright scams.

So, you should do your own research before connecting your wallet and performing any transactions on any of them.

How to find crypto airdrops that are NOT scams

The only place I can guarantee you will find crypto airdrops that are NOT scams is our own Discord airdrop channel and airdrop page on this site.

We provide the best resource for the most legit and valuable ongoing and upcoming crypto airdrops. The kind we love to participate in.

We aim to save you countless hours of doing your own research from scratch.

So, we do the dirty work of filtering out the noise and scams to present you with only the best crypto airdrops.

Some of the airdrops we share require a full article which we will publish on this blog and others are very simple and only requires a simple post on Discord.

So, subscribe to this blog and join our Discord channel to never miss anything.

Quick crypto airdrop hunting tips

  • Use a different wallet for your crypto airdrops hunting activities to avoid losing your main assets if you mistakenly interact with a malicious or buggy contract.
  • Move your earned crypto airdrops tokens to a different and more secure wallet when you receive them.
  • Kill 3 birds with one stone by using a protocol without a token yet; on a chain without a token yet, but likely to launch a token later.


The key to getting big crypto airdrop rewards is to focus on the most legit and confirmed airdrops and go all in on them.

And always remember, any airdrop worth hunting will require you to:

  1. Spend a considerable amount of time and effort in testing their platform and sharing meaningful feedback.
  2. Add economic value to the project through trading, liquidity provision, staking, NFT minting, bridging, etc.