One of the great attractions of Stars Arena is that anyone can freely join the platform and earn tangible income even without investing a dime.

One user who has done this is Charlie G. (Credzilla) whose success story you’ll be reading in this post.

How Charlie G. started his journey on Stars Arena

Well, at the beginning I was sceptical.

It was being sold as the Friendtech (FT) on Avalanche chain which for me didn’t have anything going on it as the FT experience was quite limited for someone like myself – a content creator.

As content creators, we want our content to be seen by as many people as possible and not to be gated behind a closed chat as it is on FT.

But then some friends started showing me what Stars Arena actually looked like, how you could create and see content publicly, engage with it, repost it, and tip it.

And it felt game-changing. So, I joined and started experimenting with the app and immediately fell in love with it.

So, how did you earn so much with no initial investment?

Well “so much” is relative of course but I think that given my account size and reach on X (Twitter), and the fact that I started building from $0, I think that I’ve managed to earn a nice amount which would be impossible on Web2 platforms like X.

I have earned over $2,000 in fees from people trading my Tickets and tipping my posts in a span of 12 days.

Even the largest X accounts don’t make that much in less than 2 weeks, so yeah, in comparison, it’s game-changing.

How much did you earn from fees and tips respectively?

I think the tipping culture still has to develop further.

But, it’s not uncommon to see tips these days going in the $10 to $100 range on a single post or comment.

In my case, I think it would be fair to say around 10% was earned from tips and the rest from my ticket trading fees.

I think these numbers could change in the long term as the platform grows.

What are you doing with your earnings?

Well, simple. First of all, I think we’re at an extremely early stage, and investing at this point is likely to bring greater rewards in the future if Stars Arena becomes successful.

Not only because prices will go up but also because this matters for the Airdrop points and future funding.

Also, I don’t like to be an extractor.

I like to feel that I contribute with something and it wouldn’t feel right to just extract all that money, but rather reinvest it while also helping the platform grow through my content.

How do you pick Tickets to buy?

Well, that’s pretty simple, in general terms.

If I know someone, who’s been in the space, who’s been a supporter in the past, who’s part of my Web3 communities, I’ll buy.

Then if I meet new folks particularly smaller accounts working hard to grow, I’ll also buy and support them.

And third I’ll also try to always buy back tickets from those holding my own. Not because of (3,3) or any such nonsense but because I believe it’s a way to mutually support each other on the way up.

And I mostly just hold, unless we are talking about extractors and jeets who I’ll gladly sell to buy the tickets of those putting in real building efforts.

What would tell anyone who’s yet to enter the Arena

I think I’d invite anyone to go into the arena and give it a try.

If you like creating content, as I’ve said, there’s no reason not to dip your toes in the bleeding edge of SocialFi.

At the very minimum, you will be positioning yourself much better for what’s coming in the next phase of the cycle.

There have been bumps in the road for sure but the platform is extremely smooth now and the upcoming features will not only solve a lot of current problems but also enhance user experience.

That will lead to more attention as new users join, TVL grows, the company receives more funds for development, and the SocialFi landscape booms.

It has been really a great 2 weeks of content creation, experimentation, and networking with a lot of new folks in the Arena.

How can I replicate similar results for myself?

Practically anyone can earn tangible income on Stars Arena with the right amount of effort.

You don’t need to be an influencer with large followers on X to be successful in the Arena.

Your content and engagement in the Arena is all you need to build your own brand and influence on Stars Arena.

As you continue to post quality content and engage with other users in the Arena you’ll get noticed and start seeing people buying your tickets and tipping your posts or comments.

This will earn you trading fees (5%) and AVAX tips which you can use to buy other active users and start building a strong network and portfolio on the platform.

Furthermore, you can refer your friends from other social media platforms or irl to Stars Arena and earn 1% of all their trading fees.

You can follow Charlie G. on Stars Arena and buy his Ticket for access to his private Arena chat where you can connect more with him and other gladiators.