You can make life-changing money with crypto airdrops. But there are so many of them and you don’t have unlimited capital.

Also, there are a lot of fake airdrops now and project developers are using rumours of airdrops to farm you for liquidity and engagement.

In other words, the airdrop farmers are being farmed.

It would help if you found a way to make money with airdrops without falling victim to airdrop scams or wasting your time, effort, and money on useless activities.

That’s why I have compiled this list of CONFIRMED and legit crypto airdrops you can focus on to maximise your returns.

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8 Ongoing Confirmed Crypto Airdrops

Below is a list of ongoing confirmed crypto airdrops in no particular order.

1. Nostra Airdrop

Nostra is a crypto lending and borrowing platform on Starknet that launched its point system today, Dec. 6, 2023.

Below’s how it works.

  • You earn 1 point daily for every $1 of stablecoin you lend and 2 points daily for every $1 of a volatile asset you lend.
  • You get 4 points daily for every $1 of stablecoin you borrow and 8 points daily for every $1 of volatile assets you borrow.
  • Also, you can earn even more points through referrals and the various bonus systems.
  • If you use a referral code: dxpppn9gcx you get an extra 5% lifetime bonus points.
  • Plus, there are additional 10% bonus points when you lend assets with the highest supply APY and borrow assets with the lowest borrow APY respectively.

2. Avnu Airdrop

Avnu is a decentralised exchange (DEX) aggregator on Starknet.

The platform is currently running a points system for traders that allocates points for every trade based on volume and consistency.

The more volume you generate, the more points you earn. And the more consistently you trade the more points you earn, regardless of your volume.

You can also earn more points by referring new users to the platform and get 10% of all their points earnings (doesn’t affect their own points earning).

3. Ekubo Airdrop

Ekubo is a concentrated liquidity DEX on Starknet with a Sybil-proof points system which rewards you with points based on the fees earned on your liquidity position.

You also earn points for every deposit and withdrawal from a liquidity pool.

4. Holdstation Airdrop

Holdstation is a Smart Contract Wallet, multi-chain DEX, Launchpad, and Perp DEX supporting crypto, forex, and commodities trading.

You earn GOLD daily for:

  1. Storing your crypto assets in your Holdtation Wallet wallet,
  2. Swapping using the inbuilt exchange feature in the wallet,
  3. Trading futures on the Perp. DEX,
  4. Just using their various features or products.

You can then convert their GOLD rewards (works like points) to their native token HOLD.

5. Ark Digital Airdrop

Ark Digital is a decentralised perpetual exchange on Arbitrum that’s currently running a points mining program to reward traders, liquidity providers, and platform promoters.

All you have to do to earn ARK is to trade, provide liquidity or refer users to the platform.

6. EtherMail Airdrop

EtherMail is a Web3 email platform that enables you to send and receive emails using your wallet address or blockchain domain.

Everyone is busy farming the popular airdrops, and nobody is talking about EtherMail. And that’s your opportunity.

The token and airdrop are confirmed and will most likely be released sometime in 2024.

Check out my EtherMail airdrop guide for details and how to farm it for maximum rewards.

7. MarginFi Airdrop

MarginFi is a crypto lending and borrowing platform on Solana that’s currently airdropping MRGN points for lenders and borrowers on the platform.

You earn 1 point every day for every $1 you lend, and 4 points daily for every $1 you borrow on the platform.

So, the more you lend and borrow on MarginFi, the more points you earn and the bigger your potential MRGN airdrop.

8. Drift Protocol Airdrop

Drift is a one-stop-shop DeFi protocol on Solana offering crypto lending and borrowing, liquid staking, token swap, spot, and perpetual futures trading.

The platform has not launched its token yet and will most likely airdrop it retroactively to users when it does.

To position yourself for the potential Drift airdrop, you have to lend or borrow, stake, provide liquidity, and trade on the platform as much as you can.


    Airdrop farming is the best way to quickly grow your crypto portfolio, especially if you’re starting with a small capital.

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