Starknet is a literal goldmine both for airdrop and yield farmers. The airdrop probability is high, no project on the chain has a token yet, and it has the best APY for LPs.

But there are not many bridges for moving funds in and out of the network except these 5, which are probably more than enough for you.

5 cross-chain bridges for moving funds in and out of Starknet

These are the most popular cross-chain bridges supporting Starknet with their associated costs.

1. StarkGate

StarkGate is the official Starknet bridge that enables you to transfer ETH from the Ethereum mainnet to Starknet and vice versa at a $2 to $3 gas fee per transaction.

StarkGate bridge

StarkGate bridge

The fee might vary significantly depending on the prevailing gwei price on the Ethereum network at the time of your transaction.

You should use this bridge at least once as it might be a multiplier for the potential Starknet (STRK) airdrop.

2. Orbiter Finance

Orbiter is arguably the most popular L2  bridge supporting over a dozen chains, including Starknet.

There are 3 fees you pay on Orbiter.

  1. Trading Fee: ranges from 0% to 0.1% depending on the networks involved. This fee is charged on the transfer amount and goes to Orbiter and its market makers (liquidity providers).
  2. Withholding Fee: A dynamic fee that ranges between 0.001 ETH ($1.65) to 0.0018 ETH ($3) depending on the prevailing gas fee on the destination chain and it’s used to pay for the gas fee on the destination chain.
  3. Gas Fee: This is the network fee you pay on the chain you’re transferring from.

Orbiter will most likely do an airdrop as they have been running different loyalty campaigns for a while now. Like the Orbiter Pilots NFTs which you can claim based on the number of transactions you have completed on the bridge.

3. Layerswap

Layerswap is a cross-chain bridge supporting about 20 networks and over a dozen centralised exchanges.

It enables you to transfer ETH or USDC between the various supported chains and exchanges at a $2 to $4 platform fee, depending on the networks involved.

This is in addition to the gas fee you pay on the source chain and a small exchange fee which is used to cover the gas cost on the destination chain, similar to Orbiter’s fee structure above.

Layerswap bridge to Starknet

Layerswap bridge to Starknet


Layerswap combines decentralised cross-chain bridging with centralised exchange transfers to offer you the best of both worlds.

And it too will probably launch a token and do an airdrop but there’s been no mention or program suggesting that so far.

4. Rango Exchange

Rango is a  cross-chain DEX and bridge aggregator supporting over 50 blockchains including Starknet.

You can literally transfer funds from almost every major blockchain network to Starknet using Rango Exchange.

Rango Exchange bridge to Starknet

Rango Exchange bridge to Starknet

The bridge supports smart routing to give you the best possible rates and the lowest possible fees for your transaction.

The exchange is currently running multiple retroactive airdrop campaigns based on your transaction volume and frequency with the snapshot scheduled for October 31, 2023.

5. OmniBTC

OmniBTC is a decentralised cross-chain swap and lend or borrow platform, aiming to connect and unify all the on-chain liquidity.

OmniBTC bridge to Starknet

OmniBTC bridge to Starknet

The platform supports over a dozen blockchain networks, including Starknet and offers very low fees.


Above, we discussed the top 5 most reliable cross-chain bridges currently supporting Starknet with low fees.

Using them all will also position you for multiple potential airdrops. So, use them as often as possible for all your cross-chain transfers to and from Starknet.

Which ones did I miss? Let me know on Discord.